Mutable Body constructs hyper-real soundscapes from synthesized and sampled sources, orchestrating worlds at once familiar and alien. It is the solo project of Winnipeg, MB based composer Alison Hain. 

Building on over a decade of electroacoustic improvisation, performance, and experimental composition, Mutable Body's current work distills genre-agnostic compositional forms into imagined scores for the minds eye and the stage. Their latest work, a full length album titled Nowhere, merges glitched braindance rhythms, prog rock, highly curated samples, and orchestral instrumentation into diverse and highly stimulating soundscapes. 

Moving from a long standing DIY background into the academic field, Alison's works maintain a heart-first raw ethos that is expanded by musical theory studies and formal classical training. In addition to studying classical theory and compositional form, they are also training as a professional sound engineer for both live and studio contexts, while still producing their own work. With a prior background in film studies and directing, Alison specializes in composition for many forms of media, as well as video editing, production, and narrative development.